Your Part

We all have responsibility for ourselves. We can help, guide, and teach others. Yet, what they do will all the assistance we give them is up to them. We cannot live their lives for them. At the end of the day, they must go forward and put in the work needed to get where they want to be.

For my part, I strive to give knowledge, faith in oneself, and hints and tricks that may be helpful. I help my clients leave disabling false fears behind, map a path forward they want, and understand what it takes to complete. It is important to help them find the paths to explore, the knowledge to compete, and the belief that they can meet their goal.

At the same time, I must not inhibit their freedom to do this independently. Clients must be in charge of their own destiny. I only help by providing and training people on the tools to help them.

What are you striving to obtain?

Hang In There

Strive for better circumstances. When the world sends you lemons, forget the lemonade. There are no guarantees in this life, so no one has said you must suffer (unless it is the fastest way between two points). I believe you should not unless you absolutely have to.

Studying, learning, and working hard is not suffering. It is a right and privilege that will make you stronger in your goals and wiser in your actions. Learn new things every day and never shrink from work. That is the only way you can gain actual experiences.

If your transportation is late and you have to, walk. If there are bills, worries, or pains, you are experiencing the real world and what actually happens while waiting for the next cable car. Never leave your karma or fate waiting.

The first week in May, I plan to roll out my subscription service for the Reveille.Rocks Roundhouse Training. It will start small and plans to have 30 courses, one-on-one offers, mini-lessons, and live calls. Please join us. We will start it at $27 USD and grow from there. If you join at a particular cost, that will be your monthly cost as long as you stay with us, no matter how high the subscription is raised.

I will keep everyone informed about where we are and where we are going.

Have you ever joined something and soon found out you only paid a small portion of what others who joined later paid?

Happy April Fools Day

I have something significant to tell you, and I am not fooling. I am in the middle of building a Training Academy for people looking for employment. It should be up and operational by the middle of the month.

There will be Micro-Courses, courses that we can do together one-on-one, some things I can do for you, and some things you will need to do on your own once I have taught you how. I am trying to make various training open and affordable to everyone who can benefit from it.

Keep an eye open, and I will keep everyone informed on the where and when.



Just Lucky, I Guess

I am lucky to live in a century where meeting the rest of the world is more accessible. Because of this, I am not restricted to a city, state, or country in running my business. And the neat part is neither are you.

We can meet on the internet and share or sell our goods with others in almost every part of the world. I believe that we can find a deeper understanding of who is out there and who we are in this age. It is almost like being an exchange student without leaving home.

I personally love meeting new people and sharing the fun of life with them. It is this interaction with others that gives life a special meaning. I also like to share what I am up to.

If you would ever like to share the good times, give me a shout.

Take Care Of Yourself

Did you know that you’re the only one like you in this world? That’s true. No one else acts just like you, thinks just like you, or cares just like you. And I believe the world would not be its best without you.

It would be a shame to lose you early due to preventable diseases or problems. To avoid an early demise, please take time to get good rest, a good diet, exercise, and fun. Taking a little time for you will allow your time here to be much longer.

This is the only body you’re going to get that we know of, and only you can decide to take care of it or not. Only you can choose to take care of yourself.

If you do not take care, you might not be here to face anything else. If you do take care of yourself, you are on an excellent path to handle everything else in your life well.

I’m not barking orders here. Just pointing something out.

What will you do to take better care of yourself?

Building Better Habits

Anything we repeatedly do or repeat in a set pattern can be considered a habit. Habits are not necessarily good or bad; they are just things we do based on expectation and repetition.

To build better habits, think of the actions that make you feel better and put you in a better position to face your day’s challenges. It may be taking a morning shower, shaving, and combing your hair. It could be drinking more water and less soda. Maybe your habit would be going to the gym to start your day or unwind after work is over.

Whatever helps you best and is done regularly over time will become your habit. You just need to start the actions and do them regularly.

What would help you to do better?

Back to Work

Today is the first day since November I am back at my co-working office downtown. Covid and health have kept me at bay. I am thrilled to be back here. 

I have a wonderful office at home in my basement. Yet, nothing is the same as having a change of scenery and great friends and coworkers that I can talk with and bounce ideas off of. It is good to be part of society again.

Where do you go to work with friends and Colleagues?

Cool Heads Calm Thoughts

It is amazing how many sources want to agitate users to spark controversy and push numbers. It is a selfish act to make better numbers for the protagonists. It is not to solve domestic or international problems, nor does it get anything solved or completed.

We all need to step back and think for a second. Look at what we know is accurate or not true. Instead of what others are trying to tell us, the cold hard facts we can find.

If you listen to what others say and compare it to the things you know for a fact, you will figure the truth out. If someone gets the things you know to be truly correct, the new stuff they tell you has a better chance of being right. If they do not get those truths you know correct, doubt what they say that you do not know.

It is up to us to check out what we are told and not follow blindly.

What do you believe? Why?

Healthy Choices

You may have been told this before, so please forgive me if this is old news. There is only one you. And if you want to get the most out of everything you do, you need to make some healthy choices during your stay here.

You can try to negotiate or capitulate. Possibly make tradeoffs and even fain ignorance. Everything is up to you. Just know that the body is resilient to a point, and then it gets downright hostile.

What I am saying is to treat your body right. Sometimes second chances are few and far between.

How have you been feeling lately?

What Are Your Alternatives

We do not always get what we want. Sometimes it feels like fate itself is conspiring against us. At a point like that, what are you going to do?

Well, that depends on what your alternatives are. So here is the sixty-four dollar question; what are your alternatives? Do you know, and have you checked them out?

Before you make any decision, big or little, you should take a moment to look at all the alternatives. You may find you do not need a choice that could be expensive for you. Maybe what you see as a need is only a temporary glitch. And possibly, new additions to the marketplace will make your choice null and void over the next 90-days.

It is like someone in a cave once said to some passing strangers, “Choose wisely.”

If some research and a good night’s sleep can save you a recurring bill for service that you will not get the full benefit from, isn’t that worth the money saved in your pocket

What was the service you purchased that failed to give you what you needed?