How Can We Be of Assistance

We have several ways we can mold our offers to your needs.

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The sun rises on everyone.
New courses four times a year


If you are looking for employment, I either have the courses you are looking for or I am making them. If I know you are needing one, please tell me and I will make that course a priority. Courses can be found on

Great Books/Low Prices


My books, both eBooks and paperbacks, are published in Amazon. Look for books by Mike Balof. If you do not find what you need, write me at I probably have some notes I can send you to help.

Many minds have great ideas.

Group Sessions

Presently I am hosting free group sessions on Meetup. I will be opening a group on LinkedIn soon, so please stay tuned for more information.

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Just two of us

One-on-One Zoom

I can work with you on a Zoom call. Rates are very reasonable and I have clients in many countries. You have to speak English or please bring your own interpreter.


Free Discovery Session

I offer a one time, free discovery call to anyone who ask for it. We will work over my Zoom, and will work on whatever you would like. contact me though my email or the contact page in this website

On its way soon




When you need help, I am only a Zoom call away